Chris Barkman

Multidisciplinary Creative Solutions

I'm an INFP, married to an INFJ. I love rainy days, cats, a good cup of coffee, and all things creative.

I've worked as a print and digital graphic designer since graduating Red River College's Graphic Design course in 2012, and I've been drawing most of my life.

I never want to stop improving, and I would love to be able to offer my growing skill-set to help people's dreams become reality.

However, I am in a stage of renewal and recharge, and so will not be taking on new projects. Hopefully I will be in a position again in the future where I could help you bring your unique project to life!


Specialized Services:
Illustration Icon Design Logo Design

Additional Services:
Graphic Design Branding Mural Painting Comics and Board Game Art Company Mascot Illustration Composite Images Photo Editing & Touchups Landing Page Webdesign

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